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2009-09-08 23:24:20 by Adachiskindagod

Hey, if your someone that came to this profile after listening to some of my music, I just wanna tell you that please feel free to listen to some of my other songs, but i just wanna let you know, any song before Run n' Rave is trash and i realize that haha.... it was back wen i was a n00b, i mean i might still b a n00b but at least my songs sound a bit better than they used to, so please don't judge my current work the same way as my old work. lol

Good, now ur notified haha


2009-06-18 15:48:56 by Adachiskindagod

LOL so i post Aberration, and then leave for the cape. The next morning I come back and there are 5 positive reviews and like 300 listens. AHHH i guesss this is what its like to be famous haha


2009-06-01 23:47:37 by Adachiskindagod

sry guys i havent posted anything recently,

ive been reviewing/taking exams for the last week, and i really havent had any time to do any work, dont worry tho, wednesday is my last exam so ill sit down, and get shit done.

Just wait, i might b doing a sweet hip-hop collab....

New song is doing great

2009-05-23 12:57:04 by Adachiskindagod

my newest song: Run n' Rave, is doing quite well... if you enjoyed the song, please rate, comment, download whatever, it's greatly appreciated...

ps. im not pretentious even tho my nam is Adachiskindagod haha

reason 4

2009-03-05 19:01:55 by Adachiskindagod

I just got Reason 4 about a week ago, its a new midi-synth and sequencer and it works fantastic...hopefully ill be able to produce some great trippy shit with it...

that first House song is my first try with Reason, its not very good, I kinda didnt spend enough time on it but w/e


2008-10-22 20:38:46 by Adachiskindagod

All the Ambient/Trippy Music posted on Newgrounds in this profile is under the artist name:

Misters Lehman

P.S. Check out first post for more randomn info


2008-10-22 19:58:09 by Adachiskindagod

My name is Alex, and basiclly im on newgrounds to upload music that me and my friend Ross made, under the name Misters Lehman.

Listen to the songs that are up so far:

A Dance On The Surface Of The Sun - (This one was like our first try and we got a bit carried away and it dosnt rly stick to any common theme)

Crusin' At Increasing Velocity - First legit song, sounds like ur tripping nuts, highly recomend it with a visualizer ;)

These are the first two entries to our album:

The Odyssey Around The Oort Cloud

look for more just about every week!